Therapeutic/Swedish Massage

Involves the manipulation of the superficial layers of muscles and connective tissue. I use slow wave-like long strokes and specific deep work on muscle attachments, improving circulation and nutrition to the muscles and hastening elimination of toxins. Very relaxing!

Warm Stone Therapeutic Massage

A combination of Therapeutic/Swedish massage with a second phase I developed by using perfectly heated smooth river stones as massage tools to penetrate more deeply and increase relaxation. The entire process is a flowing, seamless relaxing blissful experience. Clients have called it a “mini-vacation.”


A therapeutic art based on the theory that the hands and feet are a microcosm of the entire body. Trigger points stimulate circulation to all organs of the body. I complete your treatment with warm stones massaging the feet. The hour long treatment includes a face and head massage. Total relief!

PUSH Therapy ™ (Power Under Soft Hands)

PUSH Therapy is highly recommended for chronic tension and six to ten sessions are required for best results. PUSH is designed to help you change your posture and eliminate the cause of your pain.